The Silver Lining of Rejection

In this mental health topic we discuss rejection and the benefits it can have in your life.

The Silver Lining of Rejection

Getting rejected, whether it’s for a career position or in a relationship, can be one of the most challenging events you’ll ever experience. So it may be hard to believe that there is a silver lining when it comes to rejection, but it’s true!

In my life coaching services, I always empathise with a client when they tell me about a rejection they have experienced. Yes they are disappointed and yes they feel flat and dejected, but as we work through the issue we invariably also find the positives.

My role as a mindset coach, mental health coach, or as a life and business coach is to help clients come to terms with the rejection and then help them move forward to bigger and better things.

So, if you are going through a rough patch at the moment after facing some form of rejection, know that you can move past it if you focus on the possibilities. I cant recall who said this but there is a quote that says that when people face rejection or failure they’re too busy focusing on the door that was shut rather than the door of opportunity right in front of them.

Consider these points whenever you’ve gone through an experience involving rejection:

  • You get a “do over.” A rejection likely signals an end of something. Perhaps it’s the end of a romantic relationship. Or maybe it’s the end of going through a tedious process of a job search.

Whatever the case, when a rejection occurs, something new is about to begin. You get another opportunity to start over, especially if you learn from it.

You get to start over when rejection occurs and that can be a real “plus.” Recognize it.

  • You have time to reflect on the rejection. You can ask yourself, “What part did I play in this situation?”

When you ponder on the rejection including the actions you took and how you might have affected others, it can be enlightening. It’s a real opportunity for personal growth which positively affects your personal and professional life.

Take a few moments to think about how you conducted yourself through the situation. Be glad for the time you now have to increase your self-awareness.

Figuring out anything you might have done or not done can help you with a different approach in the future.

  • Ask yourself, “What, if anything, do I want to change about myself?”

If you wish to change something about yourself, now is the perfect opportunity to go for it! Especially after a rejection, it’s good to re-focus back on yourself for a while.

  • Acknowledge the fate aspect of the situation. Perhaps it was fate. There may be something more fulfilling, enticing, or adventurous waiting for you around the next corner. When one door closes there is always another one waiting to be opened.

  • Take the bull by the horns and make some plans for your future. What personal and professional goals do you have? What do you need to be doing right now to get closer to achieve them? Put some plans into place so you know exactly where you’re headed.

Rejection can provide clarity which can motivate you to bigger and better things.

  • What did you learn from the experience? Jot down what you learned about yourself, the situation, the other person involved, or whatever else it may be.

Perhaps you learned to prepare yourself better in the future. Maybe you discovered you should have listened to your gut when it told you not to get involved with that person. Perhaps you realize now that you gave too much in a situation without expecting anything in return.

Figure out what you learned from the process, and you will be able to use that information later.

  • Get to the point where you can say, “It was worth it.” Every life experience gives us something. After you figure out what you learned, then you can acknowledge that whatever you went through was worth it. Yes the rejection may be unbelievably painful, but in time you will come to realise that it was for the best, or it provided you an invaluable learning experience.

The silver lining of rejection allows you a “do over.” You get time to think about the part you played in the situation. You get an opportunity to make changes in yourself and acknowledge that fate took its course.

You have a renewed option to make plans for your future and determine what you learned from the experience. Ultimately, the silver lining is that you can say, “It was worth it” because it opened the pathway for something better to come as a result.

Learn to move forward with confidence and purpose after a rejection. Rediscover your passion for life. Renew your efforts to discover the pathway toward the life of your dreams!

As a mental health life coach, I come across rejection in its many forms with clients and with proper guidance and support, as well as some personal reflection, the silver lining rejection brings always stands out. If you’ve experienced rejection and feel stuck at the moment please reach out.

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