Sales Mastery and the Psychology of Sales - How to make INCREDIBLE sales in any market.

Sales Mastery and the Psychology of Sales has been written to help all salespeople, irrespective of what they sell, to achieve personal fulfilment, selling success and financial rewards for the service they provide to their clients and customers.

Sales Mastery is a complete sales, professional and personal development programme that will be of enormous benefit to you in your professional selling careers. The principles and material outlined in Sales Mastery encompasses all the internal dynamics required by you in order to be successful in sales, describes ‘sales best practices’ which you can easily adopt into your own unique selling methodology and also provides you with the practical day to day selling activities you should be doing in your careers. It is a proven sales and personal development system for you to follow and use every day. Included are explanations, examples, sample scripts, diagrams as well as real life stories of successful salespeople to help inspire you achieve outstanding results in your sales careers.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The Five Laws for Sales Success
  • The Twenty One essential qualities and characteristics of top performers
  • The importance of belief         
  • The all important key to success     
  • How the mind works
  • WHY is why you will succeed in sales
  • Twenty Two practical ways to find new prospects
  • Presentation essentials
  • Pampering your clients
  • Answering the tough questions
  • How to get out of a sales slump
  • And much more

The lessons and the material is simple but very effective, and combines the latest in the areas of the mind, neuroscience and personal development, as well as the wisdom, insights and experiences from the top performers in the sales profession into a unique and powerful program.

All the material and principles in the programme have been used by the author to build successful businesses from the ground up as well as obtain outstanding results in real estate sales and financial services. It has also been modelled on the very best in the field of selling and is packed with wisdom and insights which you will refer to again and again. The information is a workable and practical solution to assist beginners to hit the ground running as well as for existing salespeople to substantially improve upon their existing results.

“A wonderful book with great information directed toward helping you take your sales to the next level.” – Bob Proctor, bestselling author of ‘You Were Born Rich’


“A wonderful book with great information directed toward helping you take your sales to the next level.” – Bob Proctor, bestselling author of ‘You Were Born Rich’

“If you want to improve your results then hire Adam Medaglia. He is highly knowledgeable in the areas of business and sales as well as personal and professional transformation. He has built several successful businesses himself so he knows what he’s talking about. He is a skilled communicator with the uncanny ability to get to the root of the problem and then offers a proven methodology for you to follow to effect change and improve results. All who have done so have benefited and their results speak for themselves.” – Rajan Ramchandani

“Adam Medaglia is a brilliant communicator and trainer. He strips away all the illusions and delusions and gets you focused on what really counts and opens the door to change and transformation. He can do this because of what he has done and achieved in his own life – which is very considerable. He leverage’s his own direct experience and illuminates what is possible for another to improve what they are currently doing. I highly recommend him.” – Christopher Whitelaw, Barrister

“Despite running a successful consulting business I found myself getting bored and frustrated with my career. This frustration also started to impact on my personal life. I knew I wanted something more out of my professional life but didn’t know what or how to make it happen. Working with Adam over the past 8 months, he has taught me methods on how to break the negative habits that have dictated my life and more importantly, I have discovered the goals and standards I want to achieve. There has been dramatic improvement in my energy levels, confidence and enthusiasm; my consulting business is experiencing its best revenue year ever and I am pursuing other exciting opportunities that will complement and grow my existing business interests.”– Alex M, Director, The Medal Group

“I have enjoyed a 40 year career in sales, sales management and in training and have seen and used a wide array of material and training tools. What I find most impressive and worthwhile with Adam Medaglia’s approach is that there is an appreciation of what is important to people and what will change their behaviour and attitudes. This is what will create success for him and those who work with him. Adam is a very energetic and creative thinker. He has lots of good ideas to share”– Phil Gough

“I recently arranged for Adam Medaglia to present “Sales Mastery and the Psychology of Sales- How to Make INCREDIBLE sales in Financial Services” at the Australian Capital, Professional Development Seminar in Brisbane and the feedback from the team, about the content and the quality of delivery was unanimously resounding in appreciation. His presentation was well structured and covered the day to day activities of a financial planner, from lead generation, to SoA presentation and client follow up. The session was a good balance of behavioural drivers and the actions required to achieve the desired outcome. This presentation has application for both new and experienced financial planners and delivered value for money, for our business.” – Michael Burgess, Australian Capital Financial Planning

“Sales Mastery is an excellent programme which provides practical processes we will implement into our business. The programme provides valuable tools that can effectively shape mindset leading to purposeful action.”– Isaac Ddamba

“Adam Medaglia in his coaching programme gives you the secrets of developing a successful mindset and consequently having a successful attitude to which he then leads you through the steps of how to take the brilliant actions to improve your life and business. His ideas are very powerful and yet simple and easy to follow. His programme helped me overcome my fears of “selling” and added so much to my skills of communication with my prospects. Whether you are already a salesperson who wants to take quantum leaps in your business or someone who is new to selling and ready for a huge start, this program is for YOU!”– Ragia ElShapini- USA

“Sales Mastery is an excellent programme with excellent material and very relevant to our profession. I also loved the psychology background in the material. This programme will allow us to revisit what we actually do and how it can be enhanced.”– Peter Roan

“Adam’s programme is packed with wisdom and good ideas that will strengthen the success of even the most seasoned seller. Most importantly, Adam includes a strong focus on mental attitude and disciplines. Here is surely where the best of the best can differentiate themselves. As an experienced sales leader myself, I can categorically say that this programme is definitely worth your attention!”– Jane Weber

“I have just gone through Adam Medaglia’s program, Sales Mastery and the Psychology of Sales- How to Make INCREDIBLE sales in Real Estate, and it is one of the most powerful programs I have come across for real estate agents. What really stands out in this program is the way Adam ties in the mindset and attitude component with the practical day to day actions which all agents must do every day. The scripts are really strong as are the over 20 ways different ways to find listings. His listing presentation method is so succinct and easy to follow that it makes obtaining listings quite easy. The way Adam explains how to work with buyers is very effective, as are his tips for overcoming objections and getting out of a sales slump. If you’re a real estate agent that wants to improve your listing and sales results then you must do this program!”– Paul Thomson

“Congratulations Adam in putting together such a comprehensive read, the sales manual is fabulous. All of your examples have been given with great clarity and make an excellent resource for all salespeople. It is a must read for anyone who is passionate about sales and is looking at achieving the next level in their sales results. Anyone that is prepared to put Adam’s teachings into practice is sure to see some amazing results. Adam, your commitment to your own personal growth as well as your passion to share your life skills with others is evident in this presentation. Thank you Adam.”– Barbara Cowley, Red Spice

“The secret to sales success lies in knowing more than the physical processes involved in successful lead generation and conversion. That is only part of the step. To be successful in sales also requires the correct mental attitudes. Finally here is a sales training programme that provides all the physical and mental tools you will need to propel you to sales and life success.”– Tony Bourke, Director AIIB Insurance Brokers.

“Sales Mastery has excellent material which is very relevant to our careers as financial planners. The session on mindset were of value and something I can definitely begin to implement.”– Michael Sheridan

“This programme is very good, particularly the section regarding ‘The Mind’. The material is a great reminder of the time tested principles and fundamentals needed for continued success. The biggest benefit the programme provides is that it has a set structure for financial planners to follow and build a business.”– Michael Dale

“A very good program with pertinent and practical information that reinforces sound knowledge and good practices. The information and strategic ideas are helpful. I’d have loved this information at the commencement of my financial planning career.”– Clem Dickinson

“Sales Mastery is an excellent programme with very good material. I found the day to be very inspiring and will be a big help to get me in the right mindset for success.”– Nataliya Denison

“Sales Mastery provides a lot of detail with its core message being very consistent with my message and was very well received by the team. An investment well worth it.”– Craig Watson


The work Adam is doing within the Men’s Mental health sector is crucial, perhaps even more so during these uncertain times. Largely as a result of his struggles with mental health, Adam’s story and message is bringing more awareness to men’s mental health, as well as showing a path forward which will benefit many.

The Ollin System is insightful and practical, and will be of huge benefit to anyone willing to start taking ownership of their own lives by learning not to fear the black dog we all have inside of us. You can change, and it is remiss of you not to if it is affecting those around you. Hiding and running away from the pain will do no one any good. Adam’s story, message and coaching will guide and support you in a way that he understands because he has been through the battle. You and your family have nothing to lose. – Kristy Anne. Project InBetweenBa.Commerce & Behavioural science; Dip Nursing


“I am often in awe of the people I meet in my work. Especially those brave enough to explore their most vulnerable moments on the path to making better ones. Adam Medaglia is one of those people. On the one hand, he is a dream client for a psychologist because he is highly functional and dedicated to achieving his goals. On the other hand, Adam is an imposing figure because he brings to therapy extensive knowledge gained from years of exploring professional coaching, psychological principles, and self-help.

He has poured both his dedication and his experience into this program, which describes the methods he used to keep himself functional despite substantial trauma. As Adam himself indicates, there is no substitute for professional assistance when required. But as far as mental health maintenance and self-help is concerned, Adam’s program is well worth exploring, and I have no doubt it would benefit many. Keep with you the parts that resonate.” – Dr Paul Williams. Clinical Psychologist. PhD Clinical Psychology, B Psychology
(1st Class, University Medal)

“Helping people believe in themselves.”

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