Sales Mastery and the Psychology of Sales - How to make INCREDIBLE sales in any market.

Sales Mastery and the Psychology of Sales has been written to help all salespeople, irrespective of what they sell, to achieve personal fulfilment, selling success and financial rewards for the service they provide to their clients and customers.

Sales Mastery is a complete sales, professional and personal development programme that will be of enormous benefit to you in your professional selling careers. The principles and material outlined in Sales Mastery encompasses all the internal dynamics required by you in order to be successful in sales, describes ‘sales best practices’ which you can easily adopt into your own unique selling methodology and also provides you with the practical day to day selling activities you should be doing in your careers. It is a proven sales and personal development system for you to follow and use every day. Included are explanations, examples, sample scripts, diagrams as well as real life stories of successful salespeople to help inspire you achieve outstanding results in your sales careers.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The Five Laws for Sales Success
  • The Twenty One essential qualities and characteristics of top performers
  • The importance of belief         
  • The all important key to success     
  • How the mind works
  • WHY is why you will succeed in sales
  • Twenty Two practical ways to find new prospects
  • Presentation essentials
  • Pampering your clients
  • Answering the tough questions
  • How to get out of a sales slump
  • And much more

The lessons and the material is simple but very effective, and combines the latest in the areas of the mind, neuroscience and personal development, as well as the wisdom, insights and experiences from the top performers in the sales profession into a unique and powerful program.

All the material and principles in the programme have been used by the author to build successful businesses from the ground up as well as obtain outstanding results in real estate sales and financial services. It has also been modelled on the very best in the field of selling and is packed with wisdom and insights which you will refer to again and again. The information is a workable and practical solution to assist beginners to hit the ground running as well as for existing salespeople to substantially improve upon their existing results.

“A wonderful book with great information directed toward helping you take your sales to the next level.” – Bob Proctor, bestselling author of ‘You Were Born Rich’

“Helping people believe in themselves.”