Hi, I’m Adam Medaglia, personal development teacher, author, and #SelfBelief coach.

I am passionate about #SelfBelief and dedicate myself to helping people believe in themselves with practical tools and strategies that empowers them to begin living happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

#SelfBelief is a quality, I believe, anyone can achieve because it’s built upon a foundation of values, principles and standards an individual can incorporate into their life and begin living by which will guide, strengthen and empower them.

1. Stand on your own two feet,

2. Live life on your terms, and

3. Live with courage.

#SelfBelief begins with a decision – to start taking ownership of your life – by standing on your own two feet and living life on your terms courageously. In doing so you start experiencing and enjoying life with far greater happiness, health and wellbeing in the key areas that matter most.

Standing on your own two feet is about your independence. It’s trusting yourself and accepting responsibility for your life which includes taking the steps necessary to heal, change and improve it. It’s about freedom. There’s real joy in that.

Living life on your terms is about freedom. It’s being true to yourself and honouring what you believe in. This also means that you should not have to be bound by the ties of your tradition, culture or heritage if you choose not to be. You get to decide what’s right for you and how you want to live your life. There’s real strength in that.

Courage is perhaps the most important of these because it requires you taking action and doing what must be done – whatever it takes. This encompasses standing up for yourself and what you believe in, as well as facing adversity, trouble and hardships with strength of character, dignity, and self-respect.

When you combine all three – standing on your own two feet, living life on your terms, and courage – you create the means for living a life with greater #SelfBelief. This is empowering and life changing.

This is what I believe, live by and teach by combining the lessons I’ve learnt in life and business, living with mental illness, my knowledge of the mind, along with extensive and ongoing studies of success and human potential.

I will empower you with the understanding, awareness, practical tools and strategies that work so you too can start living with more #SelfBelief, stand on your own two feet and live life on your terms courageously.

Helping people believe in themselves. 

“The greatest story of your life is still being written. Keep going, believe in yourself and never give up. You can do it.”
- Adam Medaglia.

Working with Adam

Adam Medaglia is a passionate and inspiring speaker, teacher, and presenter. His powerful presentations are filled with practical information delivered in a dynamic and humorous style which keeps his audiences engaged and captivated throughout.

Adam has an uncompromising focus on personal development and growth, having invested more than thirty years of his life into researching, studying and applying the principles of personal development, human potential, leadership and success.

Adam can speak to your team, business, or group on a range of motivational, sales, and leadership topics and conducts training in the following forums:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Keynote Speeches

Adam teaches throughout Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.

“Adam Medaglia is a brilliant communicator and trainer. He strips away all the illusions and delusions and gets you focused on what really counts and opens the door to change and transformation. He can do this because of what he has done and achieved in his own life – which is very considerable. He leverage’s his own direct experience and illuminates what is possible for another to improve what they are currently doing. I highly recommend him.” – Christopher Whitelaw, Barrister

Charitable Work

Adam is also passionate about helping children and youth to realise their true potential. He’s conducted coaching and personal development programs for Father Chris Riley’s Youth off the Streets and Youth Connections. He is also an active supporter of World Vision and Save The Children.