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WARRIOR: How I Defeated PTSD


Warrior: How I Defeated PTSD is my personal story of how I needed to face my mental demons, and how the system that I created out of sheer necessity literally helped me to rebuild my life and business.

Warrior: How I Defeated PTSD  is your personal coaching book to help you overcome life’s challenges and live with more balance, wellbeing and success.

It can help you.


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WARRIOR: How I Defeated PTSD


Warrior: How I Defeated PTSD

In ‘Warrior’ you will learn:

> A personal leadership model to instil direction, confidence, and character.
> Four foundational pillars that will become your ROCK for any situation life brings.
> How to design your blueprint in the most important four key areas of your life, and an action plan to implement it on a step-by-step basis.
> Various coaching tools that are used by professional coaches to help you on your journey to balance, success, and wellbeing.
> A model of integrity you can apply to every area of your life.
> A reframing system that will help you deal with difficult people.
> Various health tricks & hacks to deal with mental illness in a productive way.
> An accountability model to help you move forward each week.

5 reviews for WARRIOR: How I Defeated PTSD

  1. Nick Montgomery

    I believe things happen for a reason and I believe meeting Adam Medaglia was one of these moments. I met Adam as I was about to have surgery. Adam explained the work he does coaching men to live with more balance, success, and wellbeing, and that he had written a book on his struggles and asked if I would read the manuscript and provide him with my thoughts.

    As I read the book I immediately resonated with his message. As a retired athlete, and now A-league coach, as well as raising a young family, I struggle at times to switch off and I feel I can’t find the balance of family and work, and this is something I battle with on a weekly basis. Adam’s methods and coaching he describes in the book are invaluable and will help all men who have the same struggles and are juggling personal and professional responsibilities.

    ‘WARRIOR: How I Defeated PTSD’ is fantastic and the system he created (The Ollin System) to help himself will help many others in their search for help. The content, the models, and the structure of the book can be easily followed.
    The fact that he has put this all together off the back of his own struggles is a testament to who he is and that he can now help others who may not have the ability to go see a psychologist or seek help.

    Professional athletes who have retired or about to retire will also benefit from reading Adam’s book by incorporating his methods and coaching. Adam is big on living a life of personal accountability supported by discipline, structure, and purpose, something that all professional athletes thrive on. But once they retire and leave their professional sports they are left to their own devices, often struggling to adjust to a very different world than that they were used to as professional athletes. Adam’s book and his philosophy will undoubtedly help athletes as they transition out of professional sport.

    Adam, you should be very proud of the book and I have no doubt it will be a success. Congrats mate.

    —Nick Montgomery
    Head Coach
    Central Coast Mariners

  2. Gus Worland

    When I was sent the book I put it down on my desk and just looked at it—it stayed there for a day or 2 and then I just launched in—I could not put it down. It is real, it is honest, it is educational but why I recommend it so highly—it’s Authentic.

    Gus Worland

  3. Kristy Anne

    The work Adam is doing within the Men’s Mental health sector is crucial, perhaps even more so during these uncertain times. Largely as a result of his struggles with PTSD, Adam’s story and message is bringing more awareness to men’s mental health, as well as showing a path forward which will benefit many.

    The Ollin System is insightful and practical, and will be of huge benefit to anyone willing to start taking ownership of their own lives by learning not to fear the black dog we all have inside of us. You can change, and it is remiss of you not to if it is affecting those around you. Hiding and running away from the pain will do no one any good. With this book and the Ollin System, Adam’s story, message and coaching will guide and support you in a way that he understands because he has been through the battle. You and your family have nothing to lose.

    Kristy Anne
    Project InBetween
    Ba.Commerce & Behavioural science; Dip Nursing

  4. Dr Paul Williams, Clinical Psychologist

    I am often in awe of the people I meet in my work. Especially those brave enough to explore their most vulnerable moments on the path to making better ones. Adam Medaglia is one of those people. On the one hand, he is a dream client for a psychologist because he is highly functional and dedicated to achieving his goals. On the other hand, Adam is an imposing figure because he brings to therapy extensive knowledge gained from years of exploring professional coaching, psychological principles, and self-help.

    He has poured both his dedication and his experience into this program, which describes the methods he used to keep himself functional despite substantial trauma. As Adam himself indicates, there is no substitute for professional assistance when required. But as far as mental health maintenance and self-help is concerned, Adam’s program is well worth exploring, and I have no doubt it would benefit many. Keep with you the parts that resonate.

    Dr Paul Williams
    Clinical Psychologist
    PhD Clinical Psychology, B Psychology
    (1st Class, University Medal)

  5. Peta L

    Although I am female, I come from a male dominated history and could identify with ALL of this.

    The book is easy to read and confronting and I had to take time to consider things. It helped me realise that my PTSD might be manifesting in more ways than I had considered. It also helped me realise that I want things in my life and that I exist.

    There are loads of practical tools in the book to help you realise your worth, and as you execute some of the lists it has the added benefit of helping you realise you can have positive value for others and gives you back self-worth.
    WARRIOR: How I Defeated PTSD will change lives for the better!

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