Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances

This mental health topic provides some information to help you with self-worth during challenging times. As always, please seek professional help from your allied health professional or me if you require specialised support.

Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances. Mental health Australia.

Does life seem to be a struggle for you? Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated much of the time? Do you wish you could experience something better? Fortunately, you can enjoy the life you deserve.

Success, however, you define it, is available to you despite challenging circumstances. It’s important to remember, also, that your self-worth is not defined by your circumstances. In truth, negative circumstances can often be the catalyst that strengthens it.

What holds you back? Take some time to question the beliefs you have. This will require some alone time in order to reflect deeply. What beliefs are serving you and what beliefs are limiting you? It’s also a good idea to question where you received those beliefs because they could well and truly be outdated, particularly if you’ve held them for a long time.

If you look at a challenging circumstance as a wall that’s impossible to climb, you need a fresh perspective. Within you is everything you need to thrive and excel. This is an important lessons to understand. The more you question the validity of your limiting beliefs, the more success you’ll experience in your life.

Think of a circumstance in your life that you believe is preventing you from something you want. Write it down, then get ready to challenge that limiting belief. If you do, you’ll begin to move toward the success you deserve.

Here are some strategies that will help you to maintain a positive self-worth, regardless of your circumstances:

1. Find the cause. What is the cause of the circumstance in your life? What can you learn from this so you avoid triggering a similar situation in the future?

If the cause of your situation is unclear, ask friends and family for their input, or seek the services of a coach or therapist. Others see your life from a different perspective, and their input can be valuable in determining the root of your difficulty.

2. Get past the blame game. You can often be your own worst critic. Fortunately, negative self-talk often has very little basis in reality. Choose to replace the doubts of your inner critic with more productive thinking.

If you choose to hold onto those negative thoughts, they will begin to form a negative self-image in your mind. This unbalanced view of your talents and strengths holds you back.

Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts about your circumstances, learn the lesson and resolve the situation to move on. Find out what you can do differently to avoid a repeat of your present situation. Then, when negative thoughts enter your mind, choose to replace your self-talk with productive thoughts instead.

3. Cut yourself some slack. Recognize that you’re human. Everyone makes mistakes, but your attitude determines your altitude in life. You are valuable regardless of your present predicament. You are worthwhile even when you slip up or falter. Your circumstances simply provide feedback and an opportunity to learn and grow.

4. Make the most of it. When you recognize that you’re valuable despite your circumstances, you’ll begin to make the most of every opportunity. The stumbling blocks you face can become stepping stones to the success you deserve, simply by changing what you focus on.

Instead of feeling helpless, ask yourself: “What’s can I learn?” and “What meaning am I giving to this?” Every situation provides something of value if you look for it.

5. Ask for help. Loved ones and friends as well as a professional coach or therapist often see strengths in you that go without notice. Ask them what they believe your strengths are. This is where your self-worth is found. Everyone has something of value to contribute.

Once you recognize your unique talents, gifts, and abilities, you’ll see life in a whole new way. You’ll seek opportunities to use your talents to bless others. You’ll gain confidence that comes from conquering challenges that once made you cringe.

Instead of allowing your circumstances to dictate who you are, you’ll make the rules!

6. Live one day at a time. Despite your best efforts, some days simply provide one frustration after another. When this happens, you have a choice. You can let your circumstances defeat you, or you can choose a more positive perspective. The choice is always yours.

Resolving negative or challenging situations in a productive way will help you to strengthen your strengths. You’ll also learn and experience joy and personal fulfilment knowing that you have done it. Instead of tying your self-worth to your circumstances, choose instead, to see things as they really are, and then use the strengths, talents, and abilities you were created and gifted with to define your circumstances and life in a positive way. By doing so you’ll know how valuable you truly are.