Adam Medaglia

Helping people believe in themselves.

Adam Medaglia is an inspirational author, speaker, mindset coach, and a leading authority in the areas of the mind, personal development, sales, and professional growth.

He is also successful businessman who has spent the last 30 years learning and applying the principles for success and personal fulfilment to his personal, sales and professional life.

Adam was personally mentored by the late Bob Proctor and incorporates many of the lessons and guidance Bob passed onto him into his programs and events.

However, even with all his success, things were never easy for Adam as he suffered with mental illness for years which finally took its toll on him. That also became a defining moment because he created a system using his knowledge of the mind to help him to bite back.

Adam dedicates himself to helping people believe in themselves with practical tools and strategies that empowers individuals to take charge of their financial, personal and professional lives, as well as their mental health.

Adam is a qualified accountant, financial planner, coach, and a highly sought-after speaker who combines his experience, knowledge, and skills to deliver practical and empowering personal development programs that allow individuals to dramatically shift and improve their performance, wellbeing, confidence, and results.

He is continually researching and studying personal development, mindset, business and sales, as well as the mind, success, and mental health, and applies them in pragmatic, results orientated programs designed to fast-track individuals to the achievement of their goals.

Adam’s programs focus on the mental and attitudinal foundations required for success, and include practical techniques and strategies required to help individuals to grow, prosper and thrive in today’s ever-changing world. These successful and results proven programs have been taught throughout Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

‘The greatest story of your life is still being written. Keep going, believe in yourself and never give up. You can do it.’—Adam Medaglia

Mental Health

Adam is also a mental health advocate who, having suffered with mental illness, created a system that helped him to bite back and rebuild the four key areas of his life after he nearly lost everything. The system he created and which he now teaches provides effective, practical tools for positive mental health.

The system, known as the OLLIN System®, helped Adam to rebuild his life as he proactively began taking responsibility for his mental health by combining his knowledge of the mind with healthy habits to create mental health and wellbeing.

The OLLIN System provides a strategy and structure to follow so you can begin taking control over your circumstances using healthy and productive techniques. This becomes empowering as nothing beats taking ownership of yourself and the Key Four areas of your life.

Why the name ‘Ollin‘? The word is an ancient Aztec word that means to go all in with all your heart and soul. This embodies what Adam believes about how life should be lived.

The Key Four



Health & Wellbeing

Business, Career & Wealth

"I am often in awe of the people I meet in my work. Especially those brave enough to explore their most vulnerable moments on the path to making better ones. Adam Medaglia is one of those people."
Dr Paul Williams
Clinical Psychologist

"Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice. Adam Medaglia is the person you are looking for to improve your life and your business."

– Bogdan Ilie

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